Configuring the nüvi, Acquiring satellites, Using the nüvi – BMW Navigation Portable Plus User Manual

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BMW Navigation Portable Plus Owner’s Manual

Getting Started



Configuring the nüvi

To turn on your nüvi, slide the


key to the left. Follow the on-

screen instructions.

Acquiring Satellites

Go outdoors to an open area, out of garages, and away from tall buildings.

Stop your vehicle, and turn on the nüvi. Acquiring satellite signals may

take a few minutes.

bars indicate GPS satellite strength. When one bar is green,

the nüvi has acquired satellite signals. Now you can select a destination

and navigate to it. For more information about GPS, see

page 27

and visit


Using the nüvi

➑ ➒

GPS satellite strength.



technology status.

Battery status.

Current time; touch to change time settings.

Touch to find a destination.

Touch to view the map.

Touch to make a call when connected to a

compatible mobile phone


Touch to adjust the volume.

Touch to use the tools such as media players,

settings, and Help.

Warning: This product contains a non-replaceable, lithium-ion

battery. See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the

product box for important battery safety information.