Preparing for use, storing, and moving, Preparing for use, Preparing to exercise – Bowflex Revolution XP User Manual

Page 9: Moving & storing your machine

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The Bowflex Revolution


XP home gym offers one of the largest ranges of exercises ever offered by a Bowflex


home gym. Preparing your machine for use and maintaining your machine are simple.

Preparing for use

Before using your Bowflex Revolution


XP home gym, make sure you read through all of the safety warnings in this

manual, and pay close heed to the warning labels on the machine. Additionally, inspect the machine prior to each

use to ensure all parts are in good working order.

Preparing to exercise

To do exercises, read the instructions in this manual or on the exercise poster included with your machine. Each

exercise uses a unique set of adjustable arm positions and cable connections. Using your Bowflex Revolution



home gym should be easy:

• Select the desired resistance packs

• Position the adjustable arms to the correct setting

• Attach cable clips to appropriate location

• Complete the exercise

A full description of each exercise is included later in this manual.

Moving & Storing Your Machine

The full assembled weight of your machine is in excess of 200 lbs. It is imperative that you observe all safety

warnings and cautions when using or moving your machine. To move your machine, raise the adjustable arms to

the 0 position and make sure they are locked in place. Hook the D-handle Hand Grips to the hooks at the front of the

Standing Platform. Carefully lift the front of the machine to shift its weight to the back transport wheels. You can

now roll the machine.

Preparing for use, Storing, and Moving

Raise adjustable arms to 0 position

(see above photo) and lock in place.

attach hand grips to loops at the

front of the Standing Platform.

To move the machine, use hand

grips to lift the front of the unit and

shift its weight onto the transport

wheels at the back of the base.