2N Electric lock for 2N Helios - Secondary switch - installation manual, 1360 v2.0 User Manual

2entry helios secondary switch

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2ENTRY Helios secondary switch

Order no. 9135250E


The purpose of this module is to extend the 2ENTRY Helios door communicator with another
switch, e.g., for switching the electric door to locked. Comparing it to the previous switch
versions this one contains several modifications. It gives you features like unlimited time
switching or permanent switch during the time of the call. Thanks to the switching device -
latching relay – it is now possible for switching the low voltage logical inputs of e.g. gate and
barrier control systems. Both normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) contacts are


Before installing the module, make sure that the current and voltage limits of the module will not
be exceeded in your application (refer to the Technical Parameters chapter). In no case use
this module for mains voltage switching!


1. Remove the screw from the left bottom side of the main communicator board.
2. Insert the switch connector onto the contact moulding (next to the hole for screw).
3. Insert a spacer ring between the communicator main board and the switch board and

hold the boards tightly together to the plastic back using the screw provided with the