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Once you've mastered the basics, you can try a few

shooting games like these:
1. TIC-TAC-TOE. Two shooters take one-shot-turns, and
mark each hit. Play like regular tic-tac-toe.
2. MISS-N-OUT. Set up ten targets. Shoot until you miss.
Shooter with most shoots wins.
3. HIT-AND-MOVE-BACK. Each shooter takes one step
back every time he hits the target. Farthest back wins.

IMPORTANT: Be sure you are using a safe backstop

behind all targets!


Your new Daisy is designed to use only BB caliber or

.177 caliber ammo. Load your gun with clean, new Daisy
BB's. If dirty, deformed, used BB's, oversized balls or other
foreign objects are used, your gun will not feed correctly and
may jam, possibly resulting in serious injury.

When buying ammo for your gun, be sure to look for this

label: BB cal. (4.5mm) Steel Air Gun Shot

Steel shot will fire at a higher velocity than lead shot

with the same muzzle energy. As a result, more caution is
required when using steel shot because of the greater hazard
or ricochet. Lead, because of its lower velocity, usually has
less penetrating power and is less likely to ricochet.

Remember: Use only proper shot in your air gun, and

do not reuse shot.


One of the most important rules of proper gun handling

is NEVER STORE A LOADED GUN. When you have finished
shooting, unload your gun. The Operation Manual which
came with your new Daisy tells you how. Before putting your
gun away in a cabinet or gun rack, make sure it is clean, dry,
oiled, empty, and uncocked. BBs should be stored in a sepa-
rate place to keep them away from untrained shooters.


Daisy Outdoor Products has a rich heritage of teaching

young and first time shooters to shoot safely. In order to
effectively implement shooting education programs nation-
wide, Daisy has partnered with the following organizations
which teach shooting safety and provide additional shooting
safety materials and information. We encourage you to con-
tact Daisy at 1-800-643-3458 or one of these organizations
to sign up for a shooting safety class in your area.


Daisy Outdoor Products


American Legion Junior Shooting Sports Program

NRA Youth Programs
800-672-3888 ext. 1505

Daisy / Jaycees Shooting Education Program
The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce

4-H Shooting Sports
Contact your County Extension Agent

Junior Olympic Shooting Program




Breathing at the wrong moment can cause your body to

move, and your aim to go astray. So breathe properly. Here's

(a) Take a long breath.
(b) Let out half. Aim.
(c) Hold the rest until after you've fired.

But don't fire yet!


This consists of two steps: Aiming and Squeezing.

Get your sights in line and watch carefully. As the tip of the
sight arrives at the bottom of the bullseye, gradually
squeeze the trigger. Never jerk the trigger. The sudden
movement will ruin your aim. Trigger squeezing takes prac-
tice. But keep trying. You'll get it down to an art.

Now you are ready to fire.
But wait a moment!
What are you firing at? Where are you firing?
Remember the 10 Shooting Safety Rules - Be sure of

your target before you shoot. Never carry a cocked gun.
Cock it only when ready to fire. Even with the trigger safety
in the ON position, your gun is in fully loaded condition and
must be handled with care.


The first step in proper sight

alignment is to determine the shot
grouping of your new Daisy. To do
this, position a rest, such as a table
or bench, 5 meters from your tar-
get. Place your rifle on the rest,
and, aiming at the same point on
the target each time, fire three
shots. Do not attempt to make any
adjustments during the three shots.
At this point you are only interested in how well your shots
group. Once you have determined the grouping ability of you
and your rifle, you can then adjust your sights to bring the
group on target. NOTE: It may be necessary for each per-
son shooting your Daisy air gun to realign the sights to fit
his sight pattern.


A cardboard box 16 inches or more deep, and with at

least two-foot square front
surface, will serve as the
basis for the target. Center
3 inches of tightly bound
magazines (do not substi-
tute newspapers) on the
inside back wall of the box
opposite the target, and fill
the box with tightly
packed, crumpled news-
paper to prevent ricochet.
Once the backstop is com-
plete, tape the target to the front of the box. Do not use
metal fasteners–ammunition can ricochet.
As the target is
used, the backing must be watched closely and should be
replaced when the ammunition has penetrated half the thick-
ness of the magazines.


Whether you purchase a target trap or

make your own, it is important to remember that they will
wear out
with continued use. Because of this, you should
always place your backstop where it will be safe should it fail
and check it carefully before and after each use. A rebound or
ricochet is an indication that the backstop is faulty and that
you should stop using it immediately.