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Ipitomy ip120 quick guide

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IPitomy IP120 Quick Guide

To make a phone call:

Dial the number first then pick up the handset, press a Line Key, press ‘OK’, or press the green
speaker button. You can also pick up the handset then dial the number followed by the ‘OK’ key.
Dialing first then picking up the handset allows you to use the backspace key if needed.

To make a hands free call:

The IPitomy phone is a high quality speaker phone. To make a hands free call, simply dial the
number and press the speaker button. Alternately, you can press the speaker button and dial the
number followed by the ‘OK’ key. To hang up, press the ‘SPEAKER’ button. If there is a headset
connected to the headset jack, the audio will go to the headset instead of the speakerphone.

Intercom Paging

For intercom paging press

and then enter the extension or group number of the party or

group you want to page. This feature will call an extension or group of extensions, allowing you to
speak immediately over the speaker in the telephone without ringing the phone itself.

Two-line Display

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Speaker Volume

Speaker Activation

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