Vicor Constant Current (CC) Demonstration Board User Manual

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The Constant Current (CC) Demonstration Board described in this document shows how to use a
PRM regulator as a constant current source. The CC demonstration board is not designed for
installation in end-user equipment. The system demonstrates the use of a PRM


and a VTM



drive light-emitting diodes (LEDs) or for general laboratory evaluation.

Please read this document before setting up a customer demonstration board.

The User’s Guide is not comprehensive and is not a substitute for common sense and good
practice. For example:

1. When testing electronic products always use approved safety glasses.

2. Provide a strain relief for wires and place the system on the bench in such a way as to prevent

accidental dislodgment from the bench top.

3. Remove power and use caution when connecting and disconnecting test probes and interface

lines to avoid inadvertent short circuits and contact with hot surfaces.

4. Never use a jumper in place of the fuse. Replace the fuse only with its equivalent type and rating.

5. Never attempt to disconnect the CC demonstration board from a VTM customer board while

power is applied. This system is not designed to demonstrate hot plug capability. Additional
components would be required to implement a hot plug capable system.

1.0 Introduction

The PRM Regulator can be set to either regulate its output in a Local Loop mode or regulate the
output of a VTM Voltage Transformer at the point of load in an Adaptive Loop. Adaptive Loop
regulation is realized through the addition of a compensation resistor to the CD pin. Please refer
to the

Factorized Power Architecture (FPA

) white paper

for more details. The CC demonstration

board is designed to provide a precise regulated current. This is particularly useful in LED driving
applications where the intensity and brightness are controlled by regulating the current through
the LED.

The VI Chip solution provides an efficient, power dense means of powering high current opto-
semiconductor LEDs such as Enfis products UNO and Quattro arrays as well as OSRAM product

The P048F048T24AL-CC board may be used to provide up to 5 A when employed as a standalone
non-isolated source. A PRM–VTM combination provides isolated current multiplication up to 100
A. Separate VTM boards allow customers to choose a desired output current and voltage range.
To obtain a VTM customer board, simply add “-CB to the VTM part number.

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