Vicor Half-chip PRM-RS Customer Board User Manual

Half-chip prm, Rs customer board user guide

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The half-chip PRM-RS Customer Board described in this document is designed for use with the
Remote Sense (RS) family of half-chip PRMs, and demonstrates the benefits of Factorized Power
Architecture™. This demonstration board is not designed for installation in end-user equipment.
The system demonstrates the use of a PRM Regulator and a VTM


Current Multiplier for general

laboratory evaluation only.

Please read this document before setting up a customer demonstration board.

The User Guide is not comprehensive and is not a substitute for common sense and good
practice. For example:

1. When testing electronic products always use approved safety glasses.

2. Provide a strain relief for wires and place the system on the bench in such a way as to prevent

accidental dislodgment from the bench top.

3. Remove power and use caution when connecting and disconnecting test probes and interface

lines to avoid inadvertent short circuits and contact with hot surfaces.

4. Never use a jumper in place of the fuse. Replace the fuse only with its equivalent type

and rating.

5. Never attempt to disconnect the demonstration board from a VTM Customer Board while

power is applied. This system is not designed to demonstrate hot plug capability.

1.0 Introduction

The half-chip PRM-RS Customer Board can be used to demonstrate a stand-alone regulator or in

conjunction with a VTM Customer Board to enable demonstration of a Factorized Power

Architecture (FPA) system. There are many combinations possible using PRM


and VTM Customer

Boards, but the focus in this user guide is using one PRM Customer Board and one VTM

Customer Board. The half-chip PRM Customer Board can be configured for local sensing (at the

PRM output), or non-isolated remote sensing (at the VTM output). The half-chip PRM Customer

Board is nominally configured for local sensing where the voltage feedback circuit regulates the

output voltage of the PRM. Implementing remote sensing requires component changes and

rework to the board which is detailed in section 8.3.

1.1 Part Numbers and Ratings

Refer to the specific PRM data sheet for ratings of the device. It is important to remain

within the device limits when testing.

1.2 Contents

The half-chip PRM-RS Customer Board arrives with the following contents:

1. 1 x half-chip PRM-RS Customer Board fully populated

2. 1 x 11mm VI Chip


push pin heat sink

3. 2 x VI Chip push pins for heat sink installation

4. 2 x VI Chip push pin heat sink grounding clip

5. 2 x 10 pin male to male headers

Half-chip PRM


-RS Customer Board User Guide








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Bill of Material


VTM Boards









For use with PCB part number: 35307