Dulce Systems PRO EX User Manual

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PRO EX Installation and User’s Manual


Driver Installation

No drivers are necessary to use the PRO EX. Add-on cards installed in the PRO

EX are seen as if they were connected directly in the host computer, and drivers

for each particular add-on card are still needed.

The PRO EX Uplink Host Adapter and the PRO EX Expansion Enclosure

registers as PCI-to-PCI Bridge, add-on cards are registers as devices behind

these bridges.

4.5.1. Mac Pro – Expansion Slot Utility settings

This section applies exclusively to the Apple Mac Pro built

before January 2008, this section can be skipped for all other


The Mac Pro (Intel Xeon-based) will detect changes in the PCI-e slot

configuration, it will automatically launch the Expansion Slot Utility

where you can make performance adjustments for the various PCI-e slots. The

utility can be manually started also, it can be found at: Under my Mac Pro:


Ensure there is at least a x4 speed assignment for the slot where the PRO EX

Uplink Host Adapter is installed, making sure also that your video capture /

playback card and video display card also get a sufficient x value.

Example below is a good balance, it shows the PRO EX in slot 3 set for x4

speed, a popular video capture card in slot 4 also in x4 speed, and the standard

graphic card in slot 1 at x16 speed.

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PRO EX Installation and User’s Manual

Expansion Slot Utility can be found at the

Boot drive > System > Library > CoreServices.