Dulce Systems PRO EX User Manual

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PRO EX Installation and User’s Manual


Connecting It All

When your storage demand is out pacing slots available in your workstation, the

PRO EX provides an additional seven slot expansion to an external enclosure.

Example shown here is a Mac Pro with two Dulce PRO DQ attached to the PRO

EX leaving five available slots for future expansion. A total of seven add-on

cards can be added to the PRO EX enclosure.

PRO EX connected to a Mac Pro and two Dulce PRO DQs.

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PRO EX Installation and User’s Manual


System Profile

The PRO EX Uplink Host Adapter and the PRO EX Expansion Enclosure

provides bridging function to extend the PCI-e signals outside the host computer

motherboard. The Mac System Profile shows the details of the PCI devices.

Example of System Profile with the follow configuration:

In the Mac Pro

Slot 1: NVIDIA display card.

Slot 2: A two port eSATA card that is part of the Dulce Duo-eSATA.

Slot 3: PRO EX Uplink Host Adapter.

Slot 4: Empty.

In the PRO EX Expansion Enclosure

All add-on cards are listed under Slot 3.

Four Dulce Duo Quad SATA RAID Controllers.

Three Other Mass Storage Controllers.