Overview – Dulce Systems PRO EX User Manual

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PRO EX Installation and User’s Manual

3. Overview


Removing the Cover

The PRO EX expansion slots are accessible by removing the side cover.

Remove the eight Philip screws and remove the cover.


Front Indicators and Controls

The PRO EX enclosure has stand alone self-monitoring features. It monitors

temperature and fan continuously. Should the temperature exceed a safe

operating range or the fan spin below a preset minimum, the alarms will be

triggered. A red indicator light will come on plus an audible alarm will sound.

Mute Alarm Button (Green)

Temp Indicator (Green)

Fan Indicator (Green)
Power Indicator (White)

Cooling fan for

add-on cards

behind cover.

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PRO EX Installation and User’s Manual


Rear Indicators and Ports

Uplink Port

Connects to Uplink Host Adapter installed in host computer or

another PRO EX via an x8 Uplink Cable.

Link Indicator

Green when uplink link is established.

Ready Indicator Green when PRO EX is ready for operation.

Power Plug

Power source input. Note there is no power on / off switch. PRO EX

power state is remotely controlled by Uplink Host Adapter and host

computer. Uplink cable must be attached for remote power control to


Expansion Slots:

Slot A (x4 speed)

Slot B (x4 speed)

Slot C (x4 speed)

Slot D (x4 speed)

Slot E (x8 speed)

Slot F (x8 speed)

Slot G (x8 speed)

(Shown with

slots populated)

Uplink Port.

Link Indicator

Ready Indicator

Enclosure Fan

Power Plug and

Power Supply