Installation – Dulce Systems PRO EX User Manual

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PRO EX Installation and User’s Manual


Internal Indicators and Expansion Slots

Expansion Slots
Seven PCI-e expansion

slots can accommodate half length

(174mm) full height PCI-e cards, with x8 lane or less. Each

slot is rated for 24W max power.

Slot / Port Status A green status for a particular slot / port indicates that the slot / port


link has trained to at least x1 width.

LED towards the rear is for Slot A, Slot B, C etc moving towards the

front ending with the Uplink Port.

Expansion Slots:

x8 Size PCI-e

Slot A (x4 speed)

Slot B (x4 speed)

Slot C (x4 speed)

Slot D (x4 speed)

Slot E (x8 speed)

Slot F (x8 speed)

Slot G (x8 speed)

Slot / Port Status


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PRO EX Installation and User’s Manual

4. Installation

• Turn of the computer and remove the power cord.
• Do not install the power cord for the PRO EX until after installation

of all add-on cards are completed.

• PRO EX has remote power control. There is no power on/off

switch on the PRO EX, power is controlled by the Uplink Host

Adapter installed in the host computer. When the host computer is

on, the PRO EX will come on, when the host is turned off, the PRO

EX will turn off.

The PRO EX is a PCI-e expander, which consists of an Uplink Host Adapter, a

Uplink Cable, and the expander enclosure. Additional user supplied PCI-e add-

on cards are installed in the PRO EX enclosure. The add-on cards can be Dulce

Systems’ SATA RAID Controllers, eSATA Adapters, FireWire / USB Adapters as

well as 3rd party RAID Controllers or any PCI-e compliant cards can fit into the

PRO EX enclosure.


Uplink Host Adapter Installation

An available PCI-e slot is required in the computer to install the PRO EX Uplink

Host Adapter. The slot must allow for an x8 physical card, however the speed of

the slot can be of x8 or slower. No drivers are required for the Uplink Host

Adapter and the Adapter is Mac and PC compatible.

The Uplink Host Adapter is rated for x8 speed which will produce the optimum

performance. But in some cases due to limitations of the computer, a slower

speed (x4 or slower) might be required to provide a balanced speed setting for

other PCI-e cards within the computer system.

For Mac Pro installations, slot 3 or 4 (top two) are recommended. Mac

Pros built on and after January 2008 have fixed speed of x4 in slots 3

and 4. Mac Pros before January 2008 might require setting of slot

speed using the Expansion Slot Utility.

PRO EX x8 Uplink Host Adapter