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PRO DI Installation and User’s Manual


Create >2TB RAID Set for Windows XP (32bit):

This only applies to Windows XP (32 bit) where it has a 2TB disk size limitation.

Create a RAID of your choice with the number of desired disk drives, then create
multiple Logical Volumes of 2TB size (2100GB maximum) or smaller. This will
present to Windows XP as several disks of 2TB sizes. Use Windows Disk
Manager to Span them together (not Stripe) to create one drive letter of all the
2TB volumes plus the last remainder. The example below is DI-1 at 2199GB +
DI-2 at 1534GB = 3476GB after Disk Management Spanning.

More spanning instructions can be found at the Dulce Support web site.

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PRO DI Installation and User’s Manual

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