Overview – Dulce Systems PRO DI User Manual

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PRO DI Installation and User’s Manual

3. Overview


PRO DI enclosure

The PRO DI enclosure house a high performance Fibre Channel RAID Controller
and has an opening in the front of the unit to accommodate the portable DI Pack.

Front View

Rear View

Expander Activity

Expander Port

Power Status

Serial Port

FC Activity - A

FC Port - A

FC Activity - B

FC Port – B

Fault LED

Disk Activity

Ready Status

Removable Fans


Power Supply

Power Supply

Alarm Mute

Alarm Reset
Ethernet Management Port

Mute Button

Fan Alarm

Temp Alarm

Power On / Off


DI Pack

DI Pack Active

DI Pack Fault

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PRO DI Installation and User’s Manual


DI Pack - portable disk pack

The DI Pack houses up to sixteen 2.6” laptop disk drives in a small portable
modular unit.

Pull the DI Pack handle out and up to eject the DI Pack.

Remove the DI Pack