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When using an electrical appliance, basic precautions

should be observed, including the following:
Read all instructions before using your STEAM SHOT


To reduce the risk

of fire, electric shock, or injury:

Do not direct steam at people, animals, or at electri-

cal outlets

Do not expose to rain

Store indoors

Unplug from outlet when not in use and before

conducting maintenance or troubleshooting

Do not leave steam cleaner unattended

Do not leave the steam cleaner connected to an

electrical outlet when not in use

Do not attempt to use without water in the tank

Do not use with damaged cord or plug

Do not use steam cleaner if it has been dropped,

damaged, left outdoors or dropped into water

Do not handle steam cleaner with wet hands

Do not pull or carry by cord, use cord as a handle,

close door on cord, pull cord around sharp corners or

edges, or expose cord to heated surfaces

Do not unplug by pulling on cord

Do not put any object into appliance openings, use

with blocked opening, or restrict air flow

Do not use appliance in an enclosed space filled

with vapor given off by oil base paint, paint thinner,

some moth proofing substances, flammable dust, or

other explosive or toxic vapors

Do not allow to be used as a toy

Do not use on leather, wax polished furniture or

floors, synthetic fabrics, velvet or other delicate,

steam-sensitive materials

Do not immerse

Not for space heating purposes

Do not service Steam Cleaner while it is plugged in

Avoid contact with hot surfaces

Release pressure before removing safety cap

Let cool for 5 minutes before refilling

Do not use for any purpose other than described in

this User’s Guide

Use only manufacturer’s recommended attachments

use of attachments not provided or sold by BISSELL

may cause fire, electric shock or injury

Fill with cool water only — do not add anything except

cool water or you will cause damage to the heating ele-

ment and void your warranty

Unplug by grasping the plug, not the cord

Pay close attention when working around children


This appliance must be connected to a grounded

wiring system. If it should malfunction or break

down, grounding provides a safe path of least

resistance for electrical current, reducing the risk of

electrical shock. The cord for this appliance has an

equipment-grounding conductor and a grounding

plug. It must only be plugged into an outlet that is

properly installed and grounded in accordance with

all local codes and ordinances.



connection of the equipment-grounding

conductor can result in a risk of electrical

shock. Check with a qualified electrician or

service person if you aren't sure if the outlet

is properly grounded. DO NOT MODIFY THE

PLUG. If it will not fit the outlet, have a proper

outlet installed by a qualified electrician. This

appliance is designed for use on a nominal

120-volt circuit, and has a grounding

attachment plug that looks like the plug in

the drawing above. Make certain that the

appliance is connected to an outlet having

the same configuration as the plug. No plug

adapter should be used with this appliance.

This model is for household use only.



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