Caution – Bissell STEAM SHOT 39N7 User Manual

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Steaming/ freshening clothes

Use your Steam Shot to remove wrinkles from

clothes, and “freshen” clothing that has been

stored. Test for color fastness in a hidden area.

If color is affected do not use.
Hang clothing from a shower rod or clothes

hook using a sturdy clothes hanger.

2. Fill with cool tap water or distilled/deminer-

alized water.

3. Connect plug to an appropriate outlet.

4. Attach the fabric steamer tool with pad


5. Press trigger to release steam.

6. Move over fabric taking care not to concen-

trate steam in a single area.

Other uses

Your Steam Shot is a very versatile tool. Use it to:

Give your houseplants a refreshing cool cloud mist

by using at 12” (30 cm) or more away from plants.

Soften gum or adhesives for easier removal.

Soften glazing putty on windows for easier removal.

Clean grills.

Clean coolers.

Clean sink garbage disposals.

Clean exhaust fan reusable filters (always remove

from fixture before cleaning).




Never tilt the steamer more

than 45° during use as

boiling water could spill

with the steam.


Never attempt this

procedure on the clothing

you are wearing. Burns

could result.


Do not add anything except

cool water or you will cause

damage to the heating ele-

ment and void your warranty.