Caution, Peration 7 – Bissell STEAM SHOT 39N7 User Manual

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Steam cleaning all living areas

Stubborn soil that resists traditional hot water,

cleaning solutions and vigorous scrubbing

can often be effectively removed with high

temperature steam. Baked-on grease on the

stovetop, dried fruit juice in the refrigerator,

stubborn soap scum on sliding shower doors,

gum on countertops — steam makes all these

far easier to clean. Use your Steam Shot to

soften and remove stubborn dirt, grime, dry,

hardened food, and other household soil from

hard surfaces. You can also use your steam

cleaner to clean pet cages.*

*Note: Always remove pets before cleaning.

1. Fill with cool tap water or

distilled/demineralized water.

2. Connect the plug to an appropriate outlet.

3. When red indicator light turns off, the

steamer is ready to use. Press trigger to

release stream.

4. Wipe surface with a clean, dry cloth.




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Keep face and all exposed

skin away from steam.

Failure to do so may result

in personal injury.


Thermal shock can shatter

glass. Before cleaning cold

glass surface, carefully

warm the surface by

directing the steam jet on

the glass from a distance

of no less than 4 - 6”