Caution, Peration – Bissell STEAM SHOT 39N7 User Manual

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Steam Trigger


Always unplug your Steam

Shot before filling/refilling.

Press trigger until Steamer

depressurizes. Wait 5

minutes before removing cap.



Filling with water

1. Push down on the safety cap while turning

counter clockwise.

2. Fill measuring cup to the max fill line.
3. Slowly pour water into steamer.
4. Replace the safety cap by pushing down while

turning clockwise.

NOTE: You may substitute distilled or

demineralized water for tap water.
If your tap water contains a high level

of mineral content (hard water) the use

of distilled or demineralized water is


Do not add anything except cool water

or you will cause damage to the heating

element and void your warranty.

Power cord

Unwrap power cord before operating unit.

Indicator light

The red indicator light will go on when the unit

is first plugged in. When the steamer is ready to

use, the light will turn off.

Steam trigger

Push to release steam.

Remove protective packaging from nozzle and

extension hose prior to use.






Before disconnecting a tool

from the steam cleaner,

make certain that steam is

no longer coming from the

nozzle. Use an oven mitt to

remove tools, or wait until

they cool before removing.