Specifications – Nipros FS-40X User Manual

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4 ch Field Mixer FS-40X


Master Audio Output MAS OUT 1/L, 2/R 2x XLR 3-pin
Sub Audio Output SUB OUT 3/L, 4/R 2x XLR 3-pin
SUB OUT L/R 2x RCA Pin Jack
Headphone HEAD PHONE MONITOR 1x φ1/4 Stereo Jack
1x φ3.5 Stereo Mini-Jack
Maximum Output L/R : +24dBm
Audio Output Level MAS 1/L, 2/R OUT : +4・0・-20・-60dBm Balanced, 600Ω load
SUB 3/L, 4/R OUT : -20・-60dBm Balanced, 600Ω load
RCA OUT L, R : -10dBV Unbalanced
MONI OUT : -6dBs Unalanced, 8Ω load

Audio 1 IN to 4 IN 4x XLR 3-pin(male) 
MS IN (CH 3/4) 1x XLR 5-pin (female) 
Input Level MIC -70 to -36dBs variable continuously
LINE -30 to +4dBs variable continuously
Impedance 600Ω 10%

Frequency Range LINE : 50Hz - 15kHz 1.0dB
MONITOR : 50Hz - 15kHz 3.0dB
S/N Ratio 54dB (when -70dBm input)
64dB (when +4dBm input)
MONITOR : 60dB (when 30kHz, using L.P.F., 600Ω load)
Distortion MIC and LINE : 0.2%
MONITOR : 2% (50Hz to 15kHz)

AA Battery case/Carrying case and Carrying belt/Operating instructions





Battery 8x LR-6, with Size AA battery case (supplied)
Sony Li-ion battery pack, using the Battery adaptor BKW-L601(Optional)
DC Powewr DC 12V IN 1x XLR 4-pin(male), DC 9 V to 18 V, Max. 0.5 A
Power Consumption approx. 0.3A

Operating Temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ to 50℃
Weight approx. 1.9 kg
Dimensions 181 x 60 x 160 mm(WxHxD) (including the battery case)

Equalizer FRQ(Frequency) : 250 Hz to 8 kHz Adjustment and on/off for each CH is independent.
LEVEL : -12 dB to +12 dB Adjustment and on/off for each CH is independent.
Phantom Microphone Power Supply : P-48V(+48 V) and A-B12V for each CH, Total max. 30mA
Low Cut Filter(H.P.F) 20 to 300Hz,-12dB/oct, Cut-off frequency is variable consecutively.
Oscillator 1kHz
Audio Level Meter VU meter/PEAK meter, Change of VU/PEAK is independent for each of L ch and R ch.
Limiter Hyper limiter and the switch are provided for the input of each channel.
Output Limiter and the MAS LMT (level select) switch are provided for each channel.
Pre Fader Listen Monitor a sound level just before the master volume (fader circuit) by headphones.




Features, design and specifications are subject to change without notice.