Maint panel (front – Nipros FS-40X User Manual

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4 ch Field Mixer FS-40X

Parts Names and Funcctions

Maint panel (Front)


POWER Indicator LED

POWER Switch

MASTER L/R Master Output Level Volume Controls

HEADPHONE MONITOR L/R Channel Select Switch

Lights on when the POWER switch is set to the INT or EXT and the power is supplied.

And it has the voltage check function. When the power supply voltage falls below

approximately 8.2V, the indicator is blinking to warn you of lack of the battery capacity.

INT : The power is supplied from the battery internal ( ).

EXT : The power is supplied through the DC 12V IN connector (XLR 4-pin)( ).

Used to adjust the MAS master output level volume. It is provided for each channel.

The switch of the push lock type is adopted so that a knob does not turn around carelessly.

When adjusting, push the knob, and the knob sticks out and is turned easily.

And push it again afterwards.

Select the output signal to the φ6.3 headphone jack ( ) on the main panel and the φ3.5

mini jack ( ) on the right side output panel to monitor headphones.


Used for output to monitor the signal set by the HEADPHONE MONITOR L/R Channel

Select Switch ( ) and the HEADPHONE MONITOR LEVEL Volume Control ( )

VU/PEAK L/BATT and R/PFL Audio Level Meterメーター

METER SELECT VU/PEAK Audio Meter Select Switches

L channel and R channel are monitored at the same time by two meters.

They are changed to VU meter or PEAK meter by each meter select switch.

A select switch is provided for each channel.

Set the appropriate position according to the signal input.

L/R   L and R stereo

L+R L and R mixing

L L monoral

R R monoral

Adjust the level of the output signal selected by the HEADPHONE MONITOR L/R Channel

Select Switch ( )

Turn on or off the power. When the power is on, the POWER indicator LED lights on.

VU : The meter reads the VU level value in upper section scale -20dB - +3dB.

PK : The meter reads the PEAK level value in lower section scale -60dB - 0dB.

While 1kHz/BATTERY check switch is pressed down, the L/BATT meter displays the battery