Great Plains 20P 1x12 Press Wheel Arm Extension Kit User Manual

General information, Assembly instructions, Before you start

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Installation Instructions


20P 1x12 Press Wheel Arm Extension Kit

• 20 Series Precision Opener with 1x12

Press Wheel

General Information

When you see this symbol, the subsequent instruc-
tions and warnings are serious - follow without ex-
ception. Your life and the lives of others depend on


These instructions explain how to install the Press Wheel
Arm Extension Kit. These instructions apply to:


20P 1x12 Press Wheel Arm Extension Kit


Before You Start

Page 3 is a detailed listing of parts included in the
Press Wheel Arm Extension kit. Use this list to in-
ventory parts received.

Tools Required

• Basic hand tools

Assembly Instructions

Refer to Figure 1


Remove 7/16-14 x 1 1/2" bolt (3) connecting
press wheel mount (2) and opener (1). Sepa-
rate the two and disconnect spring (4) from
bottom of opener (5) .

Important: Do not completely disconnect
spring. Leave one end of the spring attached
to the press wheel lever.

NOTE: Please note which hole spring was discon-
nected from. This information will be used when
reconnecting spring.

Figure 1

Remove Bolt and Discnnect Sprng