Warning, Caution, Ssembly – Bissell 4757e User Manual

Page 5: Perations

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1. Connect hose to vacuum by inserting

hose connector on the end of the hose

into the suction inlet. make sure the hose

is positioned so the tabs on the hose

connector line up with the notches on

the suction inlet. once inserted into the

suction inlet, turn counter clockwise to

lock into place.

2. Attach extension wands section together

by inserting into one another and

twisting slightly to tighten.

3. Connect hose handle to the end of

the extention wand and twist slightly

to tighten.

4. Connect floor nozzle to the end of

the extension wand and twist slightly

to tighten.

5. once assembled, you can store your

vacuum by inserting the storage clip

(located on the back of the floor

nozzle) into the storage slot on the

rear of the vacuum.

Power cord

the power cord is located at the rear

of the vacuum. gently pull out the

power cord, watching for the yellow

line. stop pulling the power cord once

the yellow line is visible. there is also

a red line, which indicates the end of

the usable cord. do not pull the

power cord out beyond the red line.

automatic cord rewind

your vacuum is equipped with an

automatic cord rewind. When cleaning

is finished, press the power button off

and grasp the plug to disconnect from

the electrical outlet. Hold the plug and

press the automatic cord rewind button

to rewind the cord automatically.

Power button

turn the power on or off by pressing

lightly downward on the power button

( ).



Plastic film can be dangerous. To

avoid danger of suffocation, keep

away from babies and children.




Be careful to avoid injury as cord

retracts very quickly.


Before using your vacuum,

make sure that the dirt cup and

all filters are in place. Do not

operate your vacuum without

the dirt cup and filters.






suction Inlet

Automatic Cord

Rewind Button

colours may vary

from models shown