Notice, Warning, Aintenance and care – Bissell 5307e User Manual

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aintenance and care


6. The tank may also be wiped clean with

a damp cloth. Make sure the tank is

completely dry before reassembling.

7. To reassemble, hold the carry handle and

place the screen back onto the top portion

of the dirt container. Be sure to align the

notch on the top with the insert on the flat

edge of the screen. Then place the inner

cyclone back into the screen by aligning

the notches at the top of the inner cyclone

with the inserts inside the screen and turning

counter clockwise to lock into place.

8. Place the top portion back onto the dirt

container by grasping the carry handle

and turning clockwise to lock into place.

Be sure that the dirt container release

button is aligned with the emptying button

when locked into place.

Cleaning the pre-motor filter

The pre-motor filter protects the motor

from dirt and dust particles. Use only

BISSELL replacement filters in your

vacuum cleaner.
Turn the power OFF. Unplug the vacuum

from the electrical outlet.

2. Remove the dirt container from the vacuum.
3. The pre-motor filter is located behind the

door labeled “FILTER” on the main body

of the vacuum. Open the door by pushing

up on the tab at the bottom of the door

and pulling out to remove.

4. Remove the filter tray by pulling up on the

tab of the tray. Remove the pre-motor filter

and set aside. Tap the tray gently over a

trash can to remove any dirt or debris.

5. The pre-motor filter can be washed in cold water

with a mild detergent. Rinse well and air dry

thoroughly before placing back into the tray.

6. Place the tray back into the vacuum

and replace the filter door by inserting

the tabs at the top of the door and

pushing down until it clicks into the

locked position.


This product is intended for household

use only and not for commercial or

industrial use. Vacuuming of dust

from products like plaster, concrete

or ashes will damage the motor and

void the warranty.


For optimum performance,

check the filters often and

clean or replace if dust and

debris has accumulated on

the filter.


Do not operate cleaner with

damp or wet filters or

without all filters in place.

Cleaning the inner cyclone & screen continued

Filter Tray

Pre-Motor Filter



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