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aintenance and care


Use to vacuum carpets and rugs. Swivel head

turns to get into tight spaces and fits under

cabinets. Easy to remove nozzle window for

cleaning threads and debris from the brush roll.

Squeeze the 2 small tabs at the side of the foot

to release the window. To replace align the

window tabs at the top with the 2 openings of

the foot and push into place until you hear a

snap and the window is securely in place.

Selected Models only 4124E & 5307E)

The Pet TurboBrush™ Tool should be

checked regularly for clogs or debris

wrapping around the brush.

1. Unplug the vacuum from electrical outlet.
2. If a clog is present or debris is visible,

turn the collar on the neck of the Pet

TurboBrush™ Tool counterclockwise to the

unlocked position to remove the faceplate

and clear any obstructions.

3. To clean debris from the brush, remove the

brush from the drive belt and clean debris.

4. Reposition the drive belt on the brush.

Place the ends of the brush in the slots

on the sides. Reposition the faceplate

and turn the collar clockwise to the

locked position.

Thermal protector

An internal thremal protector has

been designed into your vacuum to

protect it from overheating. When

the thermal protector activates, the

vacuum motor will stop operating.

If this happens:
Turn the vacuum OFF (O) and unplug

from electrical outlet.

2. Empty dirt container, check filters and air

passages for dirt accumulation.

3. The thermal protector automatically

resets after approximately 1 hour. If the

thermal protector does not reset, call

BISSELL Consumer Services.

Care and Maintenance of Turbine Head Floor tool (Model 5307E)

Maintaining the Pet TurboBrush™ Tool

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