Caution, Perations – Bissell 5307e User Manual

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Before using your vacuum, make

sure that the dirt container and all

filters (pre-motor and post-motor)

are in place. Do not operate your

vacuum without the dirt container

and filters.

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Power cord

The power cord is located at the rear of the

vacuum. Gently pull out the power cord,

watching for the yellow line. Stop pulling the

power cord once the yellow line is visible.

There is also a red line, which indicates the

end of the usable cord. Do not pull the power

cord out beyond the red line.

Automatic cord rewind

Your vacuum is equipped with an automatic

cord rewind. When cleaning is finished, press

the power button OFF ( ) and grasp the plug

to disconnect from the electrical outlet. Hold

the plug and press the automatic cord rewind

button to rewind the cord automatically.

Power button

Turn the power ON or OFF by pressing

lightly downward on the power button ( ).

Variable suction power control

The variable suction power control is located

on the back of the vacuum. Turn the control

toward the larger dots for maximum suction.

Turn the control toward the smaller dots to

minimize suction for lightly soiled areas or

delicate fabrics.

Air flow regulator

Open the air flow regulator by sliding the

regulator back towards the handle to an

open position. This will reduce the suction

power for vacuuming delicate fabrics.
For full suction power, close the air flow

regulator by sliding the regulator forward

to the closed position.


Use the variable

suction power

control and the

air flow regulator

to reduce air flow

as needed when

using the tools.

Automatic Cord

Rewind Button

Variable Suction




Air Flow


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