Aintenance and care, Replacing the febreze, Post-motor filter – Bissell 5307e User Manual

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aintenance and care

The post motor filter is a Febreze®

filter that is designed to eliminate

odors while you vacuum during the

regular life of the filter. It is a white

pleated filter that is NOT washable

and must be replaced when neces-

sary. The filter should be checked

when the collection tank is emptied

and replaced if dust and debris has

accumulated on the filter.  To maintain

full odor elimination, the filter should

be replaced when the fragrance is no

longer present.
Turn the power OFF. Unplug the vacuum

from the electrical outlet.

2. The post-motor filter is located behind

the door labeled “FILTER” on the rear of

the vacuum. Open the door by pushing

down on the tab of the door and pulling

out to remove.

3. Remove the post-motor media filter by

grasping the handle on the filter and

pulling out to remove.

4. Replace the post-motor Febreze



with a new filter.

5. Replace the filter door by inserting the two

tabs at the bottom of the filter door. Then

push down on the tab on the door and

push it back into the vacuum. Release the

tab on the door to lock into place.

Replacing the Febreze


post-motor filter





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