Dustless HEPA Kit 16500 User Manual

Dustless, Epa lead-safe compliance kit

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13242 HEPA

Floor Tool

13141 Micro Pre Filters

16006 HEPA Vacuum

ChipBuddie - Hook it to a hose
with the 6’ hose adaptor and
scrape. Change blade by using a
Philips screwdriver. Works on
both sides of the blade for
collecting debris in both
directions. Use for scraping
paint or popcorn ceilings.



EPA Lead-Safe

Compliance Kit

Kit Model 16500

Kit # 16500 Includes:
1 - 16006 HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum
1 - 13141 Micro Pre Filters (2 pkg)
1 - 13242 HEPA Floor Tool
1 - 60001 ChipBuddie
1 - D1836 5” Dustie
1 - D5160 6’ Adapter Hose

60001 ChipBuddie

D1836 5” Dustie

D5160 6’

Adapter Hose

HEPA Floor Tool -
The HEPA Floor Tool
features a beater bar
as specified by EPA
to meet renovation
contractor certification
requirements. Fit
easily into HEPA
Vacuum attachments.

Micro Pre-filter -
To install the Micro
Pre-filter, flip back
the lid tabs and
remove the lid.
Put the Micro Pre-
filter inside the
canister and slide
the opening of the
cardboard mounting collar over the input port on the inside
of the canister. Press firmly around all edges to ensure a
snug fit and air tight seal. Spread the Micro Pre-filter out,
making sure no part of it gets trapped under the edge of the
lid. Reinstall the lid and flip the locking tabs back
to the down position.

Assembly - To install the legs and
accessory tray, undo the clips hold-
ing the intermediate cover in place
and set the cover and lid assembly
aside. Turn tank upside down. Front
legs are on either side of the drain
port opening. These front legs do
not have the small hooks on either
side. The back legs do have the
hooks. These hooks are for the
hose to rest on when in storage.

Align legs with openings provided
on bottom of the canister and slide
into place. The holes will only align
in proper position for front and back
legs. Insert black support screw
into hole and tighten screw with a
Phillips screwdriver.

Turn cleaner tank right side up.

Attach Accessory Tray

Align the three slots on the edge of
the accessory tray with the three
guides on the rear side of the tank
and press the accessory tray toward
the tank as you push the tray down.
The two locking tabs will slide
under the rim of the tank and catch.
By pushing the tray down and
toward the tank it will lock into

Place intermediate cover and lid
assembly right side up and set
on top of the tank. Attach the
yellow clips from the tank onto
the intermediate cover.

The Lid Assembly with the vacuum
controls, motor, and filters are all
preassembled at the factory for your

convenience. Maintenance and
replacement of filters is described
later in this manual.

Attach hose, wands and
cleaning accessories
Hose and accessories are stored
on the unit. The hose will loop
through the two outside holes of the
accessory tray and rest on the hooks
of the back legs as shown below.
For convenience, additional
accessories can be stored on
tray when not in use.

To Use Accessories
Push hose into tank port; twist hose to
tighten or loosen connection. The
wands and cleaning accessories
attach to hose in the same manner.

Adapter Hose -
Attaches easily to
HEPA Vacuum hose.

HEPA Vacuum - Complete
owners manual enclosed
with vacuum.

For a complete version of all owner’s manuals, please visits www.dustlesstools.com <http://www.dustlesstools.com> or call 800 568-3949.

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