Required raid controller module firmware, Downloading the vasa provider, Installing the vasa provider – Dell PowerVault MD3660f User Manual

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Required RAID Controller Module Firmware

The VASA provider is supported on MD Series RAID controller module firmware versions 7.35 and later. To verify your
firmware and operating system compatibility, see the

Support Matrix

available at

Downloading The VASA Provider

The VASA provider is a self-extracting, self-installing file available from the Drivers and Download page at
To download the VASA provider:


Go to and select the Drivers and Download link.


Select your MD Series storage array model, then choose Select Model → Servers, Storage, Networking →

PowerVault Storage.


Select your model and click Confirm to show available downloads.


Choose the VASA provider download link and download the executable to your host server.

Installing The VASA Provider


Launch the VASA installation wizard.


Accept the license agreement and follow the installation prompts.
The default installation path on a 32-bit Windows OS is: C:\Program Files\Dell\Modular Disk Storage VASA Provider.
The default installation path on a 64-bit Windows OS is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\Modular Disk Storage VASA
VASA Provider.


Once installation is complete, confirm the VASA provider appears in your programs list.

Uninstalling The VASA Provider

You can uninstall the VASA provider in one of two ways:


From the Windows Add and Remove Programs option.


Using the VASA provider uninstaller located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Dell\Modular Disk Storage VASA Provider

\Uninstall_ Modular Disk Storage VASA Provider.
Once the uninstall is complete, verify that all application files and folders are deleted.