Storage array events and alerts, Troubleshooting tips – Dell PowerVault MD3660f User Manual

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Figure 12. vSphere Storage Profile Summary

Storage Array Events And Alerts

The VASA provider propagates storage array alerts to the vCenter Server Event Monitor. Alerts are displayed on two
separate views:

Alert tab in the Tasks view

Alarms view at the bottom of the vSphere Client

Events are viewed by clicking on the Events icon on the vSphere Client Home view.

Figure 13. Triggered Alarms View

Troubleshooting Tips

The table below shows some common issues and possible steps for resolution.

Table 2. Issues and Corrective Steps


Possible Resolution

Unable to connect to the provider host

Verify the proper URL for storage provider is registered.

Verify that firewall settings allow for configured ports (default 8080

and 8443).

Verify the VASA provider service is started on provider host.

No datastore capabilities being


Verify that a valid vendor ID and model ID are listed for the registered

storage provider in vCenter Server.