Sony SRF-HM55 User Manual

Srf-hm55, Sony, Operating instructions

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FM Stereo/AM PUL Synthesized Headphone fladto______________


Operating Instructions

Before operating the unit, pleaee read this manual thoroughly


retam it tor future reference.

Sony Corporation C199B PrMod in Japan

Owner’s Record

Tbs modsi and sartal numbsra ars locstsd at ths toft rsar.
Record the serial number in the apace provided below.
Rotor to them whenever you cal upon your Sony deStot rsgardinQ this product.

Modal Na 8RPJ4MSS Sartal No----------------------------------------------


•FM StaraolAM Р1Д. (Pbaaa Locad Loop) aymhaiiaad baadphona radio
• AdMtobto doubts headbands designad to fit your head

•Tbs AVtS (Automatte VMuma UtiMar Syatam) to alow you to emit the maximum voluma

vMioui dagradtog the sound dually

• Watar^aatoiant tor al>waaihar opanMion
•Capabtoty to praaat up to $ atttiona in aa^ band praaat in toa daairad order
• Light raftoclor to roflact ear Nghta at night tor your aato^


You aro cautionad that any cbangas or modffieationa not axproaaly approved in itoa
manual could void your authority to operate to» aquipmant


Tbit aquipmant baa bean tasted and tound to comply with the Omits tor a Class В rigiiai
dsviea. pursuant to Fart 1$ of RX Rutoa. Tbaaa Imita are deaignad to provida

геааопаЫа protoction against harmful intertorence in e residential instaltotton. TMe

equifxnertt generates, uses, and can radtota radto Iraquaney energy and. if not inatatfad
and used in accordance with the instructione. may causa harmful intartoranoa to radio
eommunicationa. However, there to no guarantee that mtarfaranc* wW not occur in a
particular instalation. If toto aquipmant does causa harmful intartoranca to radto or

tatovision recaption, wbtob can be dataoninad by turning tba aquipmant off and on. toe
user to encouraged to iiy to corroci the intariaranco by one or more of me toiowing

— RaortoM or ratocato toe raoaMng antenna.

— tnoraaaa the aaparaiion between the aquipmant and racaivar.

—Contract the aquipmant into an outlet on e circuit dittorent from that to which the

raoeivar to oonneetod.

—Consult toe daator or an axpartoncad radtonv tacbnictort for help.


Fiequaney range (Cbsnnal Step)

FM47.S-10e MHz (ai MHD

AM:530-1710 KHz (ЮIHD

РМЛ73-108 MHz (006 MHz)*


Headphone brpa


piQiiiar ftritixit





harmonic dtotorHon)

•Tba fraquaney dtoptoy to ralaad or toworod by etapa of 01 MH


(Exempts: Fraouancy

8006 MHz la dtoplayad ea “883 MHTJ

OaNgn and spaeiflcatlona sublet to change without nottca.

Power requirement

3 V 0 C
two alza AA (R8) oattanaa

Bettary ito

Approx. 33 hours, with Sony

8UM«3 (NS) battanaa

Mesa Approx. 227 g (8 oq

inehidino battartoa