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1. Do not attempt to tamper with, or make any adjustments or repairs to door control panel, safety

interlock switches or any other part of the oven. Repairs should be done by qualifed service pesonnel

2. Be certain to place the front surface of the door three inches or more away from the countertop edge to

avoid accidental tipping of the appliance in normal usage.

3. For the most accurate programming of the electronic units, touch the center of each pad securely. Do

not touch several pads at one time or touch in between pads. A beep sound should be heard with each

touch when pad is touched correctly.

4. Do not hit or strike the control with objects such as silverware, utensils, etc. Breakage may occur.

5. Be careful when taking the cooking utensils out of the oven. Some dishes absorb heat from the cooked

food and may be hot.

6. Do not rinse cooking utensils by immediately placing them into water just after cooking. This may cause

breakage. Allow the turntable to cool down.

7. Do not use glass utensils. See cooking utensils section in this manual:

8. Do not operate the oven empty. Either food or waer should always be in the oven during operation to

absorb microwave energy.

9. Do not heat unopened food containers in the oven. Pressure build-up can cause the container to burst,

resulting in injury.

10. Do not use your microwave oven dry newspapers or clothes. They can catch fire.

11. Only use thermometers approved for Microwave Oven Cooking.

12. Be certain the turntable is in place when you operate the oven.

13. Pierce the skin of potatoes, whole squash, apples or any fruit or vegetable which has a skin covering,

before cooking.

14. Never use your microwave oven to cook eggs in the shell. Pressure can ^ild uj

causing it to burst.

15. Do not pop popcorn, except in a microwave approved popcorn po^^^?^i^^ercial package

designed especially for microwave ovens.

Never try to pop popcorn in a paper bag not designed for micri
result in smoke and fire.
Do not repop unpopped kernels.
Do not reuse popcorn bags.