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NGER: This cutting machine Is capable of amputating hands and feet and

throwing objects. Failure to observe the following safety Instructions could result

In serious Injury or death.



ARNING: In order to prevent acci­

dental starting when setting up, transport­

ing, adjusting or making repairs, always

disconnect spark plug wire and place wire

where it cannot contact spark plug.





not coast down a hill in

neutral, you may lose control of the tractor.





only the attachments

that are recommended by and comply with

specifications of the manufacturer of your

tractor. Use common sense when towing.

Operate only at the lowest possible speed

when on a slope. Too heavy of a load,
while on a slope, is dangerous. Tires can

lose traction with the ground and cause

you to lose control of your tractor.



ARNING: Engine exhaust, some of

its constituents, and certain vehicle com­

ponents contain or emit chemicals known

to the State of California to cause cancer

and birth defects or other reproductive




ARNING: Battery posts, terminals

and related accessories contain lead and

lead compounds, chemicals known to the

State of California to cause cancer and
birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Wash hands after handling.


• Read, understand, and follow all instruc­

tions on the machine and in the manual

before starting.

• Do not put hands or feet near rotating

parts or under the machine. Keep clear
of the discharge opening at all times.

• Only allow responsible adults, who are

familiar with the instructions, to operate
the machine.

• Clear the area of objects such as rocks,

toys, wire, etc., which could be picked

up and thrown by the blades.

• Be sure the area is clear of bystand­

ers before operating. Stop machine if

anyone enters the area.

• Never carry passengers.
• Do not mow in reverse unless abso­

lutely necessary. Always look down and

behind before and while backing.

Never direct discharged material toward

anyone. Avoid discharging material
against a wall or obstruction. Material

may ricochet back toward the operator.
Stop the blades when crossing gravel


Do not operate machine without the

entire grass catcher, discharge guard, or
other safety devices in place and work­


Slow down before turning.

Never leave a running machine unat­

tended. Always turn off blades, set

parking brake, stop engine, and remove
keys before dismounting.

Disengage blades when not mowing.

Shut off engine and wait for all parts to
come to a complete stop before clean­

ing the machine, removing the grass

catcher, or unclogging the discharge
Operate machine only in daylight or
good artificial light.

Do not operate the machine while under

the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Watch for traffic when operating near or

crossing roadways.

Use extra care when loading or unload­
ing the machine into a trailer or truck.

Always wear eye protection when oper­

ating machine.

Data indicates that operators, age 60

years and above, are involved in a large

percentage of riding mower-related inju­

ries. These operators should evaluate

their ability to operate the riding mower

safely enough to protect themselves
and others from serious injury.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommen­

dation for wheel weights or counter­


Keep machine free of grass , leaves or

other debris build-up which can touch

hot exhaust / engine parts and burn. Do
not allow the mower to plow leaves or

other debris which can cause build-up

to occur. Clean any oil or fuel spillage

before operating or storing the machine.

Allow machine to cool before


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