Frame counter – Canon AE-1 User Manual

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shutter release button is turned to the "L"

position, the shutter button will be locked to
prevent unintentional shutter release. Keep


shutter release button locked while

carrying the camera to prevent film waste.

When the power level of the battery is

insufficient, a safety mechanism will keep the

shutter from being released.

Frame Counter

The frame counter is an additive type

which counts one frame every time the film
advance lever winds the film. When the
camera's back cover is opened, the frame
counter automatically resets itself to the "S"


While rewinding film, the frame counter

counts back the frame numbers. The starting

position "S", 0, and the even numbers 2 to 38

are displayed by the counter. Numbers 20 and

36 are marked in orange to call your attention

to the end of film cartridges such as are today

commercially available. The frame counter

cannot count higher than 38.