Shutter speed and ae coupling range, Overexposure warning mark – Canon AE-1 User Manual

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Shutter Speed and AE Coupling Range

The shutter speed and AE coupling range

are indicated in the table. If any combination

outside the coupling range is made, the

coupling range warning lamp will blink, as it

does when warning of underexposure. Since

the lamp serves a dual function, check that
the shutter speed is within the coupling range

before assuming that the light level is too low.

Overexposure Warning Mark

When the lighting of the subject is too

bright, the meter needle will rise into the red
zones of the aperture scale. The red area is

divided into two parts. The top part is a
warning for use with a lens having a minimum

aperture of f/22, while the bottom part is for
use with a f/16 minimum aperture lens.

When the meter needle enters the red

area, incease the shutter speed and correct the

With the FD 100mm f/4 S.C. Macro lens,

which offers a minimum aperture of f/32

available, if you want to photograph at its

minimum aperture of f/32 and the meter

needle points to the red area, do the follow­