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Page 29: L.problemmy dryer won't start, Z.problenvmy dryer doesn "t heat, Problem:there are greasy spots on my clothes

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Troubleshooting Tips
Save time and money! Review the charts on the following
pages first and you may not need to call for service.

l.ProblemMy Dryer Won't Start



. . .

> Is ttie dryer |>li:igge.d m.'

’ Is the I rise blown, or is the circuit

breaker tripped?

What to Do

Confirm that the dryer's |.rliig is securely and coni|.iletely luished into the lauridiy
room's power outlet

w .......... .

. .

. . . .


Check your home’s or laundry room’s fuse box/circuit breaker box and replace the
fuse or reset the circuit breaker. (IMPORTANT; electric dryers generally use two
fuses or breakers.)

Z.ProblenvMy Dryer Doesn "t Heat

...... Question

■ Is ihe lusc blown, o r i s ihe circuii

breaker tri pped'f

What to Do

If the fuse IS blown or the ^ ircuit breaker tripperl. tlie di y er might tumble but not
heat. Check your home’s or laundry romn's fuse box / circuit breaker box rurd

replace the fuse or reset the cnvuil breaker (IMPOP'f.AN’f- eleelric diyers generally

use two fu,se.s or breakers.)

Is Ihe izas sup])ly or service

blocked or off?

Confirm that the house gas shutoff and the dryer gas shutoff are both fully open.

3.Problem:There are Greasy Spots on My Clothes


What to Do

• Did you follow the instructions on :

your fabric softener prorlucl?

Confirm and follow the instmctions provided with your fabric .softener product.

• Are you drying clean and dirty

clothes together?

M ike suie to use your dryer to dry only clean items, because dirty items can soil
clctUi clothes placed in the same load or later placed in the dryer daim.

• Were your clothes enlirely clean?

Slains on dried clolhes are aelually slains lhal weren'l cleansed during ihe washing
process. Please review and confirm lhal you are following your washing ...........

instructions and that the clothes are being completely cleaned.............................

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