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Page 31: T.pfoblem it takes too long for my clothes to dry, Prob!em:my clothes are wrinkled, Problem:my clothes are shrinking

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T.Pfoblem It takes too long for my clothes to dry


' Did you iMopcrly ^oi1 your lour);; of




... What to Do

Separate heavy weight items from light weight items rvhen creating loads.

' Are you drying large loads of heavy


' Are the dryer controls properly set?

' Is the lint filter cle;rir before each

new load of laundrv?

' Are the e\haLi‘'l ducts clear and

properly eoufiguieil?

' Is the fuse blown, or is the circuit

breaker tripped?

Heavy fabrics take longer to dry because they tend to retain more moisture. To help
reduce and maintain more consistent drying times for large rmd heavy fabrics,
separate these items into smaller loads of a consistent size.

I se ihe appropnale conirol sellings for the type ol'load you are drying.

Please confirm that the lint filler is cle;rir prior to each new load of laundry.

(..'onfirrn through review of the appropriate sections of this manual that the exhaust
venting ductwork is properly configured. Confirm that the veirting is free o f
obstructions. Confirm that the outside wall dampers are moving freely, that i he
ckimpers are not pmshed in, and that nothing has been set against the dampers.

Check your home’s or laundry room’s fuse box/circuit breaker box imd replace the
fuse or reset the circuit breaker. (IMPORTANT: electric dryers generally use two
fuses or breakers.)

■ Did vou overload v o u r d r x e r ?

Did you under load your dryer?

Divide your larger load into a number of smaller loads............................

If you are only drying a handful of items, add a few extra pieces to help ensure
proper tumbling action.

8.Prob!em:My clothes are wrinkled



What to Do

■ .Are vou o v e r d i v i n e v m i r laundi v?

’ Are you removing your laundry

from the dryer soon after the

drying cycle is complete?

Ov er diyiiig a load of laundry can lead to wrinkled clothes. Try a shoiler drying
time, anti remove items w hile they still retain a slight amount of moisture.

Remove your laundry from the dryer after the drying cycle ends ;md either h;mg or

fold the items.

9.Problem:My clothes are shrinking


' Are you following the care

instructions for your garment?

What to Do

To avoiti shrinkage, please carefully follow the care anti use instaictions for your
garment, because some fabrics will naturally shrink when washed. Other fabrics
can be washed but will shrink when dried in a dryer.

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