Important safety instructions, Installation – Canon iR 2016 User Manual

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Important Safety Instructions

Please read these “Important Safety Instructions” thoroughly before operating the
machine. As these instructions are intended to prevent injury to the user or other
persons or destruction of property, always pay attention to these instructions. Also,
since it may result in unexpected accidents or injuries, do not perform any operation
unless otherwise specified in the manual. Improper operation or use of this
machine could result in personal injury and/or damage requiring extensive repair
that may not be covered under your Limited Warranty.



Do not install the machine near alcohol, paint
thinner, or other flammable substances. If
flammable substances come into contact with
electrical parts inside the machine, it may result in
a fire or electrical shock.

Do not place the following items on the machine.
If these items come into contact with a
high-voltage area inside the machine, it may result
in a fire or electrical shock. If the following items
are dropped or spilled inside the machine,
immediately turn OFF the main power switch and
disconnect the power cord from the power outlet.
Then contact your local authorized Canon dealer.
- Necklaces and other metal objects
- Cups, vases, flowerpots and other containers filled with water or liquids


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