Super g3 fax board cd-rom – Canon iR 2016 User Manual

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Copying Guide

Contains the Copying function instructions.

Remote UI Guide

Contains the Remote User Interface instructions.

UFR II Printer Guide

Contains the UFR II Printer function instructions.

PCL/UFR II Printer Guide

Contains the PCL/UFR II Printer function instructions.

Network Guide

Contains the Network Connectivity and setup instructions.

PCL Driver Guide

Contains the PCL Driver Installation instructions.

UFR II Driver Guide

Contains the UFR II Driver Installation instructions.

Super G3 FAX Board CD-ROM

This contains the English, French, Italian, and German versions of the following

Facsimile Guide

Contains the Facsimile function instructions.

Fax Driver Guide

Contains the Fax Driver Installation instructions.


The Super G3 FAX Board CD-ROM comes with the optional Super G3 FAX Board-T1.

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