Hybrid Racing HR Autotensioning AC and Power steering removal kit User Manual

Install guide, Auto-tensioning a/c & power steering delete kit, Step 1

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Auto-Tensioning A/C & Power Steering Delete Kit

Install Tips:


Proper belt tension is applied automatically

Fast, easy belt replacement

Lightweight alternator bracket

Kit can use multiple belt sizes

Easy install

Stainless steel hardware

At least 2x as sexy as competing products

Package Contents:

(1) Spring loaded belt tensioner

(1) Lightweight alternator bracket

(1) 48.5” 6-rib accessory belt

(1) 100mm M8x1.25 Bolt

(2) 55mm M8x1.25 Bolts

(2) 65mm M8x1.25 Bolts

(1) 45mm M8x1.25 Bolt

(1) 20mm M8x1.25 Bolt

(2) 20mm M10x1.25 Bolts

Below you will find tips on how to install your new Hybrid Racing Auto-Tensioning A/C & PS Delete Kit into a
Honda K series equipped vehicle.

*This Auto-Tensioning A/C & PS Delete Kit may not be legal for highway

use. Hybrid Racing is not responsible for any direct or indirect, actual or incidental expense attributed to the use
of any performance parts sold by Hybrid Racing LLC. Purchasers agree to all of the terms of this agreement
upon the purchase of parts. More information can be found at www.hybrid-racing.com.

Install Guide:

Installing this kit is simple and straightforward. Once complete, changing your accessory belt will be
quick and easy. Also, keeping your belt properly tensioned will be hassle free. Installation is easiest
with the motor removed from the vehicle. However, installing the kit on a motor that has already

been installed is painless and requires no special steps.

Step 1:

Before installing this kit, the a/c compressor, power
steering pump, alternator, and factory belt tensioner
must be removed. Cars that do not come equipped
with a belt-driven power steering pump (such as the
EP3) will have an idler pulley in the power steering
pump’s place. This pulley will need to be removed.
Figure 1a shows the accessories that must be
removed. See page 2 for details regarding bolt