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“Get a Grip- LSD Install guide on a FWD


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So imagine you've bought all of the bolt-on power adders for your car: a cold
air intake, header, exhaust, programmable ECU, cams, and maybe a few
other bells and whistles. Dyno pulls are telling you that you're making decent
power, but you can't seem to get the 1/4 mile times that you should be mak-
ing. Assuming there isn't a large margin of driver error, you may want to look
into replacing your stock open differential with a Limited Slip Differential. By
this time, you're probably pretty tired of shelling out cash for performance
upgrades. That's understandable. The good news is that with a small set of
tools and some patience, you can install your new LSD yourself.

This article specifically describes how to install a Wave Trac LSD (made by
Auto Tech) into a 5 speed RSX transmission, but the general process is very
similar for most FWD manual transmissions. The process described below is
nearly identical to the way a Honda technician would do it, and we've includ-
ed ample illustrations to make the process as clear as possible.

Before you begin disassembling you transmission, find a flat, clean work-
bench to work on. You'll want to carefully lay out all of the parts as you re-
move them so that you can keep track of them for when reassembly begins.
To properly assemble the transmission, the tranny should be placed on the
workbench with the input shaft facing down. Use wood blocks to lift the bell-
housing up so that the input shaft is not touching the bench. Note: Make
sure that all fluid has been drained from the tranny before disassembling it.

Follow the black text in steps 1-16 for disassembly. For reassembly, follow
the steps in reverse and refer to the red text for torque specs and other im-
portant information.