Hybrid Racing HR Unibody Fuel Pressure Regulator User Manual

Fuel pressure regulator

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Fuel Pressure Regulator


• Piston-type design provides pressure damping
• Teflon coated, hard anodized, 6061 aluminum con-
• Stainless steel cap and hardware
• -8 Inlet/Outlet Ports
• -6 Return Port
• 1/8 NPT gauge port
• Includes all fittings needed to attach to -6AN fuel
• Includes mounting hardware
• Adjustable from 30PSI - 100PSI

Recommended tools:
 Adjustable wrench
 3/16 and 5mm Allen wrench
 Drill with 1/2 in drill bit

This product may not be legal for highway use. Hybrid Racing is not responsible for any direct or indirect, actual

or incidental expense attributed to the use of any performance parts sold by Hybrid Racing LLC. Purchasers

agree to all of the terms of this agreement upon the purchase of parts.

Important!! Please read the entire install guide twice before starting your in-

stallation. No, really it’s a good idea to read it twice before you begin so every-

thing goes smooth ;)

Package Contents:

(1) Hybrid Racing Unibody fuel pressure regula-


AN6 to AN8 port adapter


AN6 to AN6 port adapter

(1) AN8 aluminum plug

(2) M6 Allen bolt

(2) 1/4-20 Allen bolt

(2) M6 flat washer

(2) 1/4-20 rivnut

(1) Stainless Steal NPT plug