Hybrid Racing HR EG DC Kswap Mount Kit User Manual

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K-Series Engine Mount Install Guide for

92-95 Civic EG / 94-01 DC Integra

Mount Features:

 Lifetime Hybrid Racing tech support at

Package Contents:

 X 3 Brackets
 X 3 Billet Mounts
 Bolts
 Washers

This product may not be legal for highway use. Hybrid Racing is not responsible for any direct or indirect, actual

or incidental expense attributed to the use of any performance parts sold by Hybrid Racing LLC. Purchasers

agree to all of the terms of this agreement upon the purchase of parts.

Important!! Read the entire install guide twice before starting your install. No,
really it’s a good idea to read it twice so everything goes smooth ;)

Recommend Tools / Parts:.

 Basic Hand Tools with 14mm, 17mm and 19mm sock-

ets and wrenches.

 Mount Bolt Paint
 Drill
 Drill Bits 1/2”
 Spot Drill
 Hoist or Car Lift
 Make sure that your engine has the bracket located on

the side of the engine. If you are running a K24 you
will need to use the one from a K24 and if you are run-
ning a K20 you will need to use the one from a K20.