Ld-2500 hunter features, Getting started – Just Better LD-2500 Hunter Leak Detector User Manual

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Sensor Cover

Battery Cover Release Latch

Power/Low Battery LED

High Sensitivity LED

Low Sensitivity LED

Power/Sensitivity Setting Switch


LD-2500 HUNTER Features

JB’s HUNTER combines sophisticated technology with durability for an
instrument with outstanding sensitivity.

Electrochemical heated-diode sensor

“No-reset” detection of CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs

Automatic adjustment (zeroing) to refrigerants in leak test area

• Rugged,

fl exible probe with a foam fi lter for sensor protection

High/Low sensitivity and power in one switch

To get the best performance from your HUNTER leak detector, please
read this manual carefully before use. If you have any questions or need
additional assistance, please call 800-323-0811.

Getting Started

1. Install the batteries (See next page)
2. Install the sensor (See next page)

NOTE: Installation of the batteries and sensor is required before use.

3. Press the control button to power on the LD-2500 HUNTER
4. Wait for the unit to warm up. All three LEDs will illuminate during

warm up. When the High Sensitivity LED starts fl ashing and a chirp-
ing sound is heard, the HUNTER is ready to hunt for leaks.

The LD-2500 HUNTER Refrigerant Leak Detector provides similar re-
sponses to all CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs and refrigerant blends (R410A,
R407C) as well as SF6.