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Special Information for Automotive Technicians Cont.

At each area checked, the probe shall be moved around the location, at a rate no more

than 1 to 2 inches/second (25 to 50 mm/second) and no more than 1/4 inch (5 mm) from

the surface completely around the position. Slower and closer movement of the probe

greatly improves the likelihood of nding a leak.

An apparent leak shall be veri ed at least once by blowing shop air into the area of the

suspected leak, if necessary, and repeating the check of the area. In cases of very large

leaks, blowing out the area with shop air often helps locate the exact position of the leak.

Leak testing of the evaporator core while in the air conditioning module shall be accom-

plished by turning the air conditioning blower on high for a period of 15 seconds mini-

mum, shutting it off, then waiting for the refrigerant to accumulate in the case for time

speci ed in step 10, then inserting the leak detector probe into the blower resistor-block

or condensate drain-hole if no water is present, or into the closest opening in the HVAC

case to the evaporator, such as the heater duct or a vent duct. If the detector alarms, a

leak apparently has been found.

The accumulation time for evaporator testing is 13 minutes.

Following any service to the refrigerant system of the vehicle, and any other service

which disturbs the refrigerant system, a leak test of the repair and of the service ports of

the refrigerant system shall be done.






Return Authorization Procedure

All defective LD-2500 HUNTER units should be returned to your whole-

saler for warranty evaluation. All warranty issues are sent in to JB for de-

termination, this product is not an over-the-counter exchange item. If you

have any questions, please contact JB at 800-323-0811.

NOTE: Do not return your item directly to the factory.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Replacement parts and accessories for the LD-2500 HUNTER Refrigerant

Leak Detector are available through the same wholesaler from whom you

bought the instrument.

Replacement Storage Case

Replacement Sensor

Tip filters (package of 20)




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