How to install the “d” alkaline batteries, How to install or change the sensor, Warning – Just Better LD-2500 Hunter Leak Detector User Manual

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How to Install the “D” Alkaline Batteries

1. Remove the battery cover by releasing the latch and sliding the cover

down and off of the handle.

2. Install two “D” size alkaline batteries as shown in Figure 1.
3. Reinstall the battery cover by aligning it with the handle and sliding it

up until the latch engages.

When the batteries reach the end of their life, the green Low Battery in-
dicator will start fl ashing. While the batteries may operate the LD-2500
up to one hour after the Low Battery indicator starts fl ashing, the batter-
ies should be replaced as quickly as possible. Used batteries should be
disposed of according to applicable state and local regulations. In the
absence of such regulations, we encourage you to recycle and/or dispose
of the cells through voluntary recycling waste programs.

Figure 1: Properly Installed
Alkaline Batteries

How to Install or Change the Sensor

THE LD-2500 HUNTER is shipped with its sensor packed separately. The
sensor must be installed before use. This specialized sensor will operate
for about 100 hours before it will need to be replaced.
1. Remove the rubber sensor cover by lifting at the outer edge
2. If you are replacing a worn out sensor, remove the old sensor by pull-

ing it straight out of the socket and discard

3. Remove the new sensor from package and carefully align the three

sensor leads (small wires coming out of the bottom of the “can”) with
the three holes in the sensor socket. Insert the leads into the holes
by gently pressing straight down on the sensor until the sensor leads
contact the bottom of the socket. Be careful not to bend the sensor
leads. Figure 2 (see next page).

4. Reinstall the rubber sensor cover by pressing it down fi rmly around

the edges. Be sure the edges of the cover are fl at against the surface
of the detector.