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As the owner of a new Singer sewing machine, you are about to begin an exciting adventure in

creativity. From the moment you first use your machine, you will know you are sewing on one of

the easiest to use sewing machines ever made.

May we recommend that, before you start to use your sewing machine, you discover the many

advantages and the ease of operation by going through this instruction book, step by step,

seated at your machine.

To ensure that you are always provided with the most modern sewing capabilities, the

manufacturer reserves the right to change the appearance, design or accessories of this

sewing machine when considered necessary.

This Instruction Book covers the operation of multiple models of sewing machines and the use
of optional accessories. The manufacturer has made every effort to clearly define the
differences between the different models and to define when an accessory is an optional extra.
Please read carefully to determine which instructions apply to your particular model machine.
For a clear definition of your sewing machine please see pages 19.

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