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High Speed Straight Lockstitch Sewing Machine


Instruction Manual and Parts List

Safety Instructions


Important Safety



• Before running the machine, make

sure all relevant safety specifica-
tions are adequate to specifica-
tions and technical standards in
your country.

• The machine should not be run

without its safety devices.

• The machine should only be oper-

ated by properly trained personnel.

• For your safety, goggles must be

used while running the machine.

• Turn off or unplug the machine

when the following situations arise:

• Passing the thread by the nee-

dle or replacing the bobbin or

• Replacing the needle, presser

foot, throat plate, feed dog and
sliding plate.

• When the machine is in mainte-


• When the operator is not run-

ning the machine.

• In case of lubricant oil contact

with the eyes or skin, washed the
surface with plenty of icy water
with a generous amount of cold
water. In case of ingestion, seek
medical help immediately.

• Repair, fitting or maintenance

should only be performed by
properly trained personnel.

• Maintenance and repair on elec-

tric equipment should only be
made by qualified personnel. If
any electric device is damaged,
the machine should be immedi-
ately stopped.

• Before starting the machine in full

running, a test must be conducted
to assure that machine and opera-
tor are able to perform the task.

• The machine should not be placed

next to a sound source as an ultra-
sonic welding machine and other

• The machine should only be run

with the proper electric cable and
connectors, and also the adequate

• The machine should only be used

to sew materials as indicated in
its instructions manual, and indi-
cations of use should be followed.

Singer will not be held responsible
for any damage caused by unau-
thorized changes in the product.

When using the

machine, basic safety

procedures must

be followed. Read

with attention all

instructions before

using the machine.

When using it,

understand that

all basic safety

instructions are

not limited to the

following items.

Read all instructions,

take care of this

manual, and use it

as reference when


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