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High Speed Straight Lockstitch Sewing Machine


Instruction Manual and Parts List

• To avoid the risk of electric shock,

do not open the motor wiring box
and do not touch the components
assembled inside the wiring box.

• To avoid injuries do not run the

machine without the belt cover or
in case any other safety device is

• To avoid possible injuries keep fin-

gers, head and clothes far from
wheel, belt and motor when the ma-
chine is running. Nothing should be
placed near those parts.

• To avoid injuries never put your

fingers next to the rotating hook
and the thread take-up lever cover
when the machine is running.

• To avoid possible injuries be care-

ful when putting down or lifting
the machine head.

• To avoid accident in case of a sud-

den start of the machine always
turn it off when laying it down, or
remove the belt cover and the belt.

• If you machine is equipped with

a servomotor, it does not make
noises while being driven. To avoid
a possible accident caused by an
unexpected start, be sure the ma-
chine is turned off.

• To avoid electrical shock, do not

run the machine without proper

• To minimize the risk of accidents

or damage in electric components
caused by electric discharge turn
the machine off before unplug-
ging it.

• Clean the machine periodically.


Safe Operation

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