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Health Counter

ScoopFree Ultra also comes with a Health Counter.

This feature does not apply to ScoopFree Original.

Think of this as an odometer to keep track of your cat's litter box
activity. First, it helps you better understand when the tray needs to
be changed. And second, it can help monitor your cat's health. If your
cat deviates from how frequently he or she normally uses ScoopFree,
that irregularity might be a sign of a problem. Share that information
with your veterinarian - it may help keep your cat healthy and keep
your vet bills down.


The counter automatically increases by one each time the rake
completes a cycle.

To reset the counter, PRESS AND HOLD the COUNT RESET button
next to the counter display for a few moments.

We suggest you reset the counter each time you replace the tray.

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