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Using an Optional Flash

You can use E-TTL II-compatible Canon Speedlite flashes designed for use with Canon SLR cameras,
including the 420EX/430EX/430EX II/550EX/580EX/580EX II models, to record natural still images under
low light conditions. Refer also to the instruction manual of the Speedlite flash.

The following procedures are explained using a Canon 580EX II Speedlite Flash.

Connecting a Speedlite Flash

When connecting a Canon Speedlite flash you cannot use the Off-Camera Shoe Cord designed for Canon
EOS SLR cameras.
Always turn off the camcorder when connecting or removing the flash.

1. Slip the flash’s mounting foot all the way into the camcorder’s hot shoe.

2. Slide the lock lever on the mounting foot to the right until it clicks in place.

To remove the flash:
Press and hold the lock-release button and slide the lock lever to the left and then remove the flash form the
hot shoe.

Using the Flash

1. Set the

dial to a recording mode other than

M and turn on the flash.

• While the Speedlite flash is charging, the indicator will flash in white. Once charged, the indicator

will stay on in green.

• If the indicator keeps flashing in white for a long time, replace the flash’s batteries.

2. Press the PHOTO button to record a still image.

 Wait until the flash is charged before recording the still image. You can record a still image while

the flash is charging, but the flash will not go off.

 Turn off the Speedlite flash when you are not using it.
 The flash will not go off during exposure lock and in the M Manual mode.
 While using the flash, the shutter speeds that can be set in Tv mode are 1/4 – 1/500.
 The camcorder does not support the Bounce Flash function or the Wireless Multiple Flash System

function of the Speedlite 420EX/430EX/430EX II/550EX/580EX/580EX II flashes.

 The camcorder does not support the ST-E2 Wireless Speedlite Flash Transmitter or the Wireless

Master/Slave Control function of the Speedlite 420EX/430EX/430EX II/550EX/580EX/580EX II

 When recording under very dark conditions, as you keep the PHOTO button pressed halfway, the

AF assist lamp of the Speedlite flash may light up (only when recording using autofocus and with

[FOCUS PRI.] set to [ON]).

 The Speedlite flash will not go off when the drive mode is set to

Auto Exposure Bracketing.



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