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■ Battery Operation

1. Open the Battery Compartment cover as shown in the


2. Insert 6 UM*1 size (Panasonic R20/LR20 or equivalent)

batteries into the Battery Compartment, making sure that
the proper polarities are maintained, and that the
batteries are installed in the specified numerical order.

Low.rShen 0 r^r^n3 0

Upper Sh»lt 0 ^

6 ^ 5 ^ 4


3. Replace the compartment cover.


•Batteries installed with incorrect polarities may leak

and damage this unit

•Do not mix batteries (old and new) or types (carbon

and alkaline).

•Battery removal

Remove as shown in the figure below.

Upper Shelf


Lower Shelf


To Prevent Possible Damage to This Unit

•Load new batteries with their polarities (@ and ©)

aligned correctly.

•Do not apply heat to batteries, or internal short-

circuit may occur.

•If this unit is not to be used for a long period of time,

or used on AC power source, remove all batteries

and store them in a cool and dry place.

•Remove spent batteries immediately and dispose

of them.

•Do not use old and new batteries together. Also

never use an alkaline battery with a manganese

•Battery life

When the batteries are weak, the tape speed will slow down,
the sound will become distorted, and the volume will

if the set is not used for a long period of time or is

used only from an AC power source, remove all the
batteries to prevent potential damage due to possible
battery leakage.

■ AC Power Operation

Connect the included AC power cord to the AC Socket in the
unit and your household AC power outlet.


AC power cord

AC power outlet
AC 240 V


To operate on battery power, unplug the AC power

cord from the household AC power outlet and the AC

Socket on the unit.

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